High Quality Horn Loudspeaker Systems

The book "High Quality Horn LoudspeaHorn Book Jacket V3 front w releasedateker Systems" by Bjørn Kolbrek and Thomas Dunker has been released this autumn. This website will keep you up to date on the availibility, signing events and so on. We will also add supplementary material to the book, and tell our story about how the book came about, and the process of writing.

Currently the book is available from Lean Business Audio and Parts Express

Latest News

Parts Express is stocking our book

After a long process, Parts Express is now stocking our book! The book has not quite arrived in their stock, but should be there soon, and you cal already pre-order. 


Mike Klasco has written a very positive review in audioXpress. (Please note that NTNU is in Norway, and that Bjørn started working for Celestion right after finishing his PhD.)

We are Discontinuing selling through Amazon

When we discussed the distribution of the book after it was printed, we settled on Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), as this would simplify the process, we thought. And we expected Amazon to know how to pack and ship books. 

This turned out not to be the case. There have been several reports of books damaged in transport due to insufficient packaging. This is mainly for shipments to Germany and overseas. Unfortunately we are not able to influence how Amazon pack the books (when asking about if this was possible on the Amazon Seller Central forum, some people though it was quite hillarious...). 

We have therefore decided to end our Amazon sales when the current stock at the Amazon warehouse runs out, and we are looking for other distributors. Especially in the US. (If you are interesed in becoming a distributor, you can contact us here). The problem of insufficient packaging is also one of the reasons we are not selling on

In any case, the book will also be available from Lean Business Audio, and the list of distributors will be updated as they become available. 

We apologize for the inconvenience - we know Amazon is quick and easy, and have cheap shipping. However, it looks like you get what you pay for.

If you have received a damaged book:

First of all, we apologize for the issue.

If only the dust jacket is damaged, we will send you a new one for free, please contact us through Amazon. If the book is damaged, please organize a refund/return with Amazon, and we recommend to get a new copy from Lean instead. 

Amazon Launch and Availibility

The book is now finally available on Amazon! At the moment only on

It is also available from Lean Business Audio. If you buy from them from outside Europe, you should contact them to get an accurate shipping quote. 

Update after the AES convention

I have just returned from New York City and the AES Convention today. Bjørn and I gave a presentation called "Compression Driver DNA - Origin and Seeds of Progress" on Friday which was well received. It summarized some pre-history and history of the W.E. 555 and 594 drivers and presented some previously unseen documents from experimental work on these devices at the Bell Telephone Labs. We did two book signings (Wednesday and Friday afternoons) which attracted quite a few interesting people, many of them very excited about the book - and we sold the first 33 copies of the book at the Convention. We also anticipate two or three published reviews to result from this trip. 

Certainly many of you will want to know what happens with the Amazon launch which was scheduled to be on the 15th of October. We are truly sorry to admit we did not quite make it to the 15th, because of Amazon logistics. They would simply not accept the delivery of our pallets of books until a scheduled time on the 28th of October. As the book is "self published" by first time book authors some such unexpected issues turn out to be inevitable.

It therefore looks like the sale on will not begin until the very end of October.

Meanwhile, we have been approached by a UK based speaker related web shop, Lean Business Audio, that also wants to sell our book. We are about to make arrangements for this, but it's doubtful that the book will be available for sale there much earlier than on amazon. Updates on this will follow once we know more.




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