High Quality Horn Loudspeaker Systems

The book "High Quality Horn LoudspeaHorn Book Jacket V3 front w releasedateker Systems" by Bjørn Kolbrek and Thomas Dunker has been released this autumn. This website will keep you up to date on the availibility, signing events and so on. We will also add supplementary material to the book, and tell our story about how the book came about, and the process of writing.

Currently the book is available from Lean Business Audio (should have stock soon) and Parts Express (stock will be sent). 

The corrected manuscript has been submitted to the printer, and we have received a proof of some of the pages to make sure the images print well. As some of you may have noticed, some of the pictures in the first printing were very dark, and this should hopefully now have been corrected.

The printer informed us that due to Brexit and Covid, some print companies have been forced to downsize or close, so there's currently a shortage of print capacity in the UK. CPI Print, which we use, also have an unprecedented volume of work. The lead time for the book is therefore longer than anticipated. It looks like production will not start up until mid or late January, with additional lead times in order to get the books out to Lean and Parts Express. We are sorry we weren't able to get the books ready for Christmas, but at least it's moving forward!

We will keep you updated.